My Evolving Wellness, Myesha Williams (she/her) - Oakland, CA

"My Evolving Wellness creates wellness product experiences that can be used to begin, continue or expand rituals that bring you home to yourself.  Creating them has been profoundly healing for me.  See them as allies to create a sense of calm, peace, balance, joy and ease.  My intention is that they be a reminder to create space to slow down, turn inward and take radically beautiful care of yourself. Be Well, Stay Well, and Activate Your Inner Magic."  - Myesha Williams (she/her)

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What made you want to start your business?

I needed something creative to focus on.  It's been a healing process for me.  Also, I LOVE candles and really wanted to create my own.  They (the candles, scents, designs) started coming to me in my dreams as if they were already here in the physical form.  They had their own personality and healing benefits.  So I brought them out of the dream world into the physical as medicine.  

What makes your brand or processes unique?

I love that it's a wellness brand that will evolve as I do.  I love that I created scents myself for my signature line and that they are completely unique and unlike any other candle out there.  I love the quality of oils I use.  It creates an amazing healing aromatherapy experience.  

Did you have experience or did you learn as you went along?

Yes!  I've been making candles for years, but just started in 2019 making them for money.  

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Shop and support My Evolving Wellness and on Rise