Wildly Free, Jenn Brosch (she/her) - Richmond, VA

⋒ products that do more, so people are harmed less ⋒

Wildly Free is on a mission to support and encourage the freedom of self-expression without limitations through uplifting people and their self-care experiences- through safe, multi-use product options and with sincere consideration of our planet and all that inhabit it.

Wildly Free works to dismantle the concept and constructs of traditional beauty "standards", and to hold a mirror of accountability in shifting the narrative of historically exclusive marketing within the beauty space.

As a brand blended with a passion for people, and our planet, Wildly Free stirs both love and integrity into each thoughtfully made product combined with innovation, a dedication to safe ingredients, and prioritizing sustainability.

Wildly Free founder Jenn Brosch (she/her) is a passionate beauty industry professional with over 11 years of experience- including personal beauty shopping for a luxury beauty company and managing prestige retail accounts for a global beauty brand. 

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What made you want to start Wildly Free?

I struggled to witness the lack of eco-friendly options available for everyone in mind. The beauty industry has historically been exclusive in its shade ranges, it's marketing, high price tags for safer ingredient products, and sustainable packaging and shipping solutions. I founded Wildly Free to establish a safe space to offer and freely advocate for important values such as safe ingredients, accessibility, equality, non-biased marketing, diverse representation, and environmental consideration.

Check out the full interview with Jenn on Queer Exchange: Rise.


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