Queer Exchange History

Since 2011 Queer Exchange's have existed on Facebook for LGBTQIA2+ communities all around the world. The first was Queer Exchange: NYC, a regional marketplace group, which today has over 34k members.

These groups sprouted up across the nation and have become pivotal structures in many regional queer communities. Unfortunately, they're all on Facebook.

Queer and Trans people deserve unique digital spaces foundationally built for them to thrive off biased platforms. The systems that over police and criminalize our identities have no part in the thriving queer future we deserve. 


Learn more about the history of Queer Exchange:

Patrolling The Queer Craiglist
April 16, 2015 by Nicole Pasulka for The Awl
An interview with Queer Exchange NYC admins Edgar Diaz and Ariel Speed Wagon

How to Find A Non-Judgy therapist if You're a Queer Kinky Beautiful Weirdo
May 9, 2016 by H.D. Roslin for The Establishment

It's Basically Just The Craigslist Free Pages
Aug 20, 2016 by Idacuttler
A semi-comprehensive list of the posts on the Chicago Queer Exchange by an underemployed future hoarder that likes to sometimes touch boobs.

IG's @WorstofQueerExchange Shows How Ridiculous Queer Culture Can Be
November 1, 2021 by Archie Bongiovanni for Vice.com
"Used sex toys. Two inches of hair cut off someone's head, and a disturbing about of dead animals to be taxidermied, usually in Western Mass."

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