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welcome to rise market. 🌈

At Rise we help introduce customers who care to LGBTQIA2+ small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creators who will help them thrive.

Unlike other marketplaces, we prioritize inclusivity and accessibility in all that we do. From the design of our website and user experience to the brands allowed on Rise - we put LGBTQIA2+ communities first.

5% of your #VisiblyQueer purchase goes to 6 LGBTQIA2+ charities we love. Don't see your favorite queer non-profit? Let us know and we'll get it added!


queer-trans owned and operated.

Rise Market was founded by Allyson Lea and Elijah Gray in 2020. 


vector illustration of ally and eli

nice to meet you. 

We're small business owners, and a queer-trans multi-racial couple. Together we imagined a marketplace that honored our unique identities and fostered the communities we cherish. 

🌈 Ally (they/she) is a white cellulite-loving queer femme and creative designer
🌈 Eli (t/he/y) is a biracial trans-masc nonbinary person-of-color and radical queer

we're helping our communities build a future economy where marginalized business owners and creative entrepreneurs thrive. and everyone knows where to find them - on Rise. 


🔥 We value Equity.

Committing to equitable practices is not only better for our communities - it's better for business.

🔥 We value Community.

Shopping online should be more than a transactional experience - it should build community and relationships, just like shopping in-person. 

🔥 We value Innovation.

Whether a business is big or little, we all deserve the opportunity to grow, experiment and challenge the status quo. 

queer-trans artists and innovators are the cultural foundation of our communities and often the most economically marginalized.

Rise Market is dedicated to seeking queer liberation and celebrating the LGBTQIA2+ community. But none of us are free without Justice for Black Lives - and we must fight equally as hard for racial equity and justice for all Black people, people of color, and especially Black Trans Women.

💜 We are committed to maintaining 40% POC creators on Rise Market
💜 We are committed to being affordable, increasing accessibility, and continuing to educate ourselves
💜 We are committed to centering multiple-marginalized and underrepresented creators including disabled, trans/gnc/enby, and neurodiverse folks

Rise Market was born in pursuit of this mission in Austin, TX. 🤠🤟👽 

🎉 since launching in 2020, we've supported more than 500 queer artists and entrepreneurs internationally. 

With our website, social media, and hyper-local directories, Rise has evolved from idea to reality and its pretty cool. 😎 We've had the best time getting to know each artist, collaborating with creators and imagining what a feel-good, community-first marketplace could truly look like. 

its all about the people, so that's where we start. 

We introduce you to amazing queer creatives making some of the coolest things! So now its time to shop! 💳🛒🛍️ 

Head to RiseMarket.com to support LGBTQIA2+ business owners all year long. Or apply to become a seller today!

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Feel free to reach out anytime at hello@risemarket.com

We are so grateful for your support! Thanks for being radically you!

Thanks again,
Ally + Eli @ Rise