How We Give Back

🌈 Direct Donations

5% from all Rise Merch revenue is distributed to:
  • LGBTQ Victory Fund - for recruiting, training and supporting openly LGBTQ+ candidates for public office around the country.
  • National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition - helps improve the black trans human experience nationally.
  • Translifeline - provides trans peer support, run by and for trans people
  • Future Front Texas - is nurturing creativity, community-building and professional resilience for Texas women, non-binary and LGBTQIA2+ creatives. 
  • Texas Health Action - queer centered affirming healthcare
  • Out Youth - supporting Queer Austin Youth for over 30 years!

🌈 Indirect Donations

We partner with various organizations so they receive free merchandise and social media promotions. We also sponsor individual artists, troupes, collectives and events. 

🌈 Supporting Hyperlocal, Regional, and National Movements

We create, curate and share—products, experiences, & resources to help LGBTQIA2+ communities thrive. It starts in Austin, TX for us but we support queer creators everywhere.

🌈 Human-First Marketplace (also very gay)

Shopping online should be more than a transactional experience - it should build community and relationships, just like shopping in person. When you shop on Rise Market you're not just supporting two queer trans human in love, in Texas too. You're supporting a radical queer network and pushing the message of acceptance, love and equity to every inch of it. 

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