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During the application process we'll look at three things:

1. What's your story? 📖
          - We'll look at your pieces' originality, quality, and price points. What makes you and your creative process unique?

2. What's your impact? 📸
          - We'll look at your website, instagram, and product photos. Are you using high-quality images to connect with your shoppers?

3. Do our values align? 🌈
          - At Rise we center queer & trans creative entrepreneurs. We value equity, community, and innovation. We're committed to creating safe, inclusive spaces for queer entrepreneurs to thrive. Are you?

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🚫 We do not accept any shops that: 

If you seek further education on why certain groups may find the inclusion of such items harmful and offensive please don't hesitate to reach out and say hey. 

🚫 In addition we do not accept shops that may:

  • infringe any copyright, trademark, right of publicity, or other proprietary rights of any person or entity
  • be defamatory, libelous, indecent, obscene, pornograhic, invasive of another's privacy, promote violence or illegal activity, or contain hate speech
  • discloses any sensitive information about another person



  • Sync Rise with your Shopify or Etsy store for effortless inventory and order management
  • No listing fees! We only take commission (5%) when an item sells.
  • Boost your digital reach 🌈 our hyper-local directories, virtual events, marketing and social media reach tens of thousands of conscious consumers. Connect with LGBTQIA2+ shoppers and allies today!
  • Apply for free, create an account for free, no long term commitment, and continue to sell on other platforms. (But! We do urge you to evaluate the ethics of traditional marketplaces to make sure they align with your own. Seriously, take a moment - does selling on Etsy, Amazon, StoreEnvy, or Depop align with the queer future of your dreams?)
  • Collective Marketing & FREE PROMOTIONS. Tag @RiseMarketisGAY on Instagram and we'll share your creations across our social network!
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